Niviuk Chooses Team Fly Halo to Represent Paramotor Wings in USA

Niviuk and Team Fly Halo have just announced that they are partnering up to offer Niviuk’s paramotor wing line up in the USA. Niviuk has launched 2 new reflex paramotor wings that are coming to market any day now. They are the Kougar 2 and Doberman. These two wings join Niviuks existing line up of the Koyot 2 moto and Link paramotor wings.

More Innovation from SCOUT Paramotors

We love seeing new products and innovation in our sport of paramotor. Every time each company comes out with something new, it advances us as an industry and community. SCOUT Paramotors has recently debuted their newest paramotor, the EOS. This new motor is definitely an advancement for our sport!

The EOS motor is a direct competitor to the Miniplane Top 80 but beats it in two ways, engine weight and HP. The unit complete weighs 48 lbs and packs a rather powerful (for it’s class) punch of 20.5 hp. The first EOS is already on it’s way to the USA and is heading for Team Fly Halo who will be using one in their training inventory.

As with the SCOUT 185, the EOS has all of the standard unique features of the SCOUT frame like “dynamic torque compensation,” “safe start,” “hand-less seating,” and a long list of other features you can check out on the SCOUT paramotor website.


Insane Riders – Paramotor Film – “Breaking Bad” Style


If one thing is certain,  production quality of videos has sky rocketed in recent years.  This does nothing but good things for our sport and it’s exciting to be apart of the process.  Please like, share and favorite this video to help get us more mainstream.   The more money that flows into this sport the more advanced and safe our equipment will become.  Help the cycle and enjoy this insanely awesome video by BrosDivision and Javier.

INSANE RIDERS from brosdivision on Vimeo.

Javi is flying a SCOUT paramotor,  one of the most technologically advanced designs currently on the market with features like safe start technology, dynamic torque compensation and long list of other things.    I just picked one up and have absolutely fallen in love with it.   It’s a work of art to say the least.

Free Flying A Dudek Snake? Yep! And It Comes With A Detailed Review

First off,  I apologize for the lack of updates on this site.  I’ve had a very busy year and have been neglecting updates on this site for too long.  I’ll try to be better about this in 2014!   So for today,  i’m sharing my good friend Shane’s video on free flying a Dudek Snake reflex wing.   Not only that but a small 20m size (he’s about 220).     Shane has been testing out the new Snake in a very in depth review that can be found here -

If you have ADD and don’t want to read his long review here’s a quick overview:

More fun than a speed glider

Responds like an EN-B to collapses

Keeps that shit eating grin on his face

Soars more efficiently than a speed wing with a much wider speed range (even faster than many speed wings)

Less brake pressure than comparable slalom wings

More efficient size for size than comparable slalom wings

Wicked fast

New riser system is a big step up over past Dudek risers.

I’m probably leaving a bunch out but this will get you started.    Just listening to him squeal in the video pretty much sums up what he thinks about it.   I don’t usually name drop but he was no where near this excited when he flew my GTR.


Intense Paramotor Flying With Friends: Aviator and Team Fly Halo


Eric the Aviator just released this awesome video filmed during a couple different flights over the summer with good friends.   Ya can’t beat the freedom we have in this great sport of ours.

Be sure to subscribe to Eric’s channel for more sweet video.

Check out that Scout paramotor in the video too, looks awesome!