U-Turn Paragliders New High Speed Glider?

American Paramotor Company U-Turn USA has teamed up with one of their wing partners U-Turn Paragliders (http://u-turn.de) to bring the paramotor industry the fastest wing on the market.  Now were not talking about +3-5 mph here.  We are talking 30+ mph over the existing competition.  U-Turn Paragliders is claiming that this wing will top out at 74mph!  Yes you read that right, 74MPH. Now we do have a legal speed limit for ulralights in this country so legally this wing can’t go past 63mph.  With that being said, this wing should actually have some good efficiency at the 63mph speed limit. However, don’t plan on this wing being foot launchable unless you have your self a wicked pair of roller blades…

The wing is said to be a 10sm and have an 8:1 aspect ratio.  This new wing wing have some safety features built in that will make it very stable.  We are thinking its going to have U-Turn’s PPN as well as their AFS system.  More to come as we learn more about this wild endeavor.

4 thoughts on “U-Turn Paragliders New High Speed Glider?

    • Hey Will, from what I have heard – the stability of the glider was not very good and it needed too much power to stay aloft. They are still in the process of designing a wing that will break speed records left and right.

    • Just seeing this now, sorry John. We don’t sell U-turn stuff. Contact SuperFly and they will get you hooked up for glider lines.

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