US Paramotor Manufacturer Introduces The Flat Top Air Trike

US Company U-Turn USA, manufacturer of the Flat Top series paramotor and S-Trike has just released a new trike.  U-Turn USA is calling this new wheeled craft- The Air Trike.   The Air Trike weighs 25 pounds and is manufactured by the highest quality standards.   Made from Carbon fiber and high strength aluminum, it can stand up to a tough beating.   While not as safe a the S-Trike, the Air Trike is much easier to transport and can adapt to fit other motors while still providing excellent safety compared to other trikes on the market.

Check out the videos on the Air Trike below.  Pricing has not yet been released but be ready for a competitively priced trike!

2 thoughts on “US Paramotor Manufacturer Introduces The Flat Top Air Trike

  1. I’m getting ready to spend about $13,000 for a new Infinity Challenger but I just watched your video and I’m interested. If I can buy a new Air Trike for thousands less than what I’m about to spend on this Challenger, then I just might do it. Please give me a quote on a new one ASAP.

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