Powered Paragliding And Paramotor On The Florida Coast

Powered Paragliding on the florida coast is a wonderful experience. Beautiful beaches, sharks, topless women… You name it, you can see it in Florida…. Florida Paramotoring is seriously awesome! Below are some sweet videos shot in florida.

Florida is a wonderful place to train for paragliding and paramotor. Visit the contact us page to find out more about training in florida.

One thought on “Powered Paragliding And Paramotor On The Florida Coast

  1. I am Brazilian and I moved to Sarasota FL a week, flying paramotor and paragliding in Brazil a few years and I want to fly here too.
    I wonder if you are in Sarasota or know someone here to give me some tips and help me buy new equipment because mine were all in Brazil.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Thank you very much.
    Fabio Pereira

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