Weekend of Fun- Paramotor Flying With Friends

Sorry for the slow down of articles and videos!  Been busy flying :)   I traveled up to Charlottesville, VA to do some flying with my friend Creighton.  Super Tom was supposed to show but bit**’d out and slept in.  Creighton and I flew all around Charlottesville, hitting up the James River, tons of farmland and expensive houses and finally ending day two in the mountains.  3 flights total in 3 different places, perfect!    Equipment used in the video – 1 Flat Top 200, 1 Flat Top Ninja, Sky Cima k2 XL and an Ozone Speedster small.   Both of us used GoPro’s.

Hope you guys enjoy!

As a reminder, it is dangerous to fly over water, drowning is a very real possibility. We were flying over the James in unusually low water conditions where it was typically only 2 feet deep out in the center of the river. An engine out would have been a nuisance more than any real danger. Another thing to remember when flying low is to watch out for power lines! Do a couple passes before flying low to scope out the area.

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