Ozone Officially Announces The Speedster 19 Reflex Wing

After hearing about it for some time, Ozone has officially announced the 19m speedster.  The tiny size of the ever popular and efficient reflex glider is intended for experienced pilots only.  The reports we are getting are that it is very fast.  Doesn’t have the quick nimble handling of the viper 2 but will do well in slalom style events.  Mathieu Rouanet plans on using the mini glider in most of his competitions. I’d like to try one.

There are a lot of choices for small, fast gliders now.  It’s going to be a tough decision for experienced pilots looking for their next ride. Probably more than likely it will just fall on brand loyalty.  I suspect all of these new gliders are kick ass. We’ve got the Paramania GTR 18, 20, the Hadron 20, Viper 2 20 and now the Speedster 19 available to the public.   I’d like to test fly all of these gliders and report back.  Maybe some USA importers and dealers can help make that happen..

Update - Check out Jeff Goin’s review of the 19m speedster.

Leave some comments below if you’ve flown any of these gliders.  Unbiased comments are always appreciated.


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